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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Addenda to the conference in Budapest!!!

Dearest all, in all haste I made a terrible mistake in not including the very interesting contribution presented by Eleni Tsatsou from Thessaloniki. Being one of few who actually dared to present an alternative interpretation to a material which for a long time has been restrained due to traditional view points, Eleni analysed the so called uterine amulets from a more erotic, sexual perspective. While scholars traditionally refer to these amulets as connected with the womb and protection of pregnancy, Eleni presented a comparison with the sun disc, and instead of interpreting the uterine symbol as a womb, she suggests that these amulets could be regarded as a type of love amulet. Listening to Eleni’s contribution was refreshing and while the debate of application will continue for sure, it is nice to follow scholars who dare to take a step against the mainstream! 

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