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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preliminary workshop program Magical Gems in their Contexts - Budapest 16-18 February 2012

Preliminary workshop program
Magical Gems in their Contexts
Budapest, 16-18 February

Day 1

Lunch together, welcome

Setting up contexts for magical gems:
Erika Zwierlein-Diehl: Dating magical gems
Richard Gordon


Attilio Mastrocinque: L'iconografia di Ialdabaoth (working title)
Veronique Dasen:  Trasfert des images (working title)
Challenge day: problematic magical gems and close viewing of some magical gems in the Museum


Day 2

Magical gems in archaeological context:
Simone Michel: An exhibition on magical gems in the Malerwinkelhaus Museum
Shua Amorai-Stark: Selected unpublished magical stones and rings from Caesarea Maritima
Despina Ignatiadou: Two magical gems from the Roman cemetery in Thessaloniki


The Jewish and Christian context:
Gideon Bohak: Magical gems in Judaism
Felicity Harley-McGowan: Jesus the magician? Engraved gems and the representation of crucifixion in Late Antiquity
Árpád Miklós Nagy: Gemmes magiques judaisantes


Joachim Quack: From Egyptian traditions to magical gems. Possibilities and pitfalls in scholarly analysis
Maria Nilsson and John Ward: Mason or priest? A comparison between Graeco-Roman signs on magical amulets and symbols in Egyptian quarries
Kirsten Dzwiza: The writing of charakteres on magical gems – decoration patterns, contexts and techniques
Magical gems and healing:
Christopher Faraone: Women and children first: the protective range of amulet cords, crepundia and little crescent moons
Valérie Martini: Gemmes magiques et pouvoirs thérapeutiques: les compétances guérisseuses d’Isis et Sérapis
Eleni Tsatsou: Uterine amulets: amulets that protect the uterus or that reinforces erotic desire?


Day 3

Magical gems and literature:
György Németh: The discovery of a god: Heliorus
Sonia Macrì: The immaterial gemstones of Graeco-Roman literature
Paolo Vitellozzi: Su alcune gemme magiche della collezione del Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell’Umbria di Perugia (working title)


Magical gems in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages:
Jeffrey Spier: Solomon and Asmodeus on Graeco-Roman magical amulets and rings
Genevra Kornbluth: Pilulae and bound pendants: Roman and Merovingian amulets
Jennifer Wynne Hellwarth: “For glysteryng of the ryche ston”: Near East magical gems and the sexual body in the Middle English romance Emaré


The Cambell Bonner Magical gems database and closing remarks

Each thematic block will end with a section talk.
For the Challenge day you are encouraged to bring any problem: a problematic gem, a difficult iconography, puzzling sources or anything you would like to share and hear the others’ opinion.

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