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Monday, July 18, 2011

O Arsinoë

O Arsinoë, the Great, the brother-loving, Lady of the Two Lands
I praise thee, holder of the sacred insignia
Beloved of the ram, Mistress of the Two Lands, Arsinoë
I praise thee, Princess, Great of Praise, thou who belong to the Lord
Sweet of Love, Beautiful in appearance, thou who received the two forehead uraei
I praise thee, who fill the palace with thou beauty, thou, high-priestess of Banebdjedet
O my Queen, Great of Praise, Lady of Loveliness, Sweet of Love
I praise thee, Great of Sweetness, Great of Praise, King’s daughter, King’s wife, Great daughter, King’s sister, King’s great wife, Female King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Arsinoë the brother-loving, the Rightful
O my Queen, I praise thee in thy appearance as Heavenly Queen on Earth
thee, Arsinoë, Ruler of Egypt, Mistress of the Two Lands

O Arsinoë, may the divine lead thee
Apollo guides thou path
O Arsinoë, Bride, already up under the stars of the wain
Lifted to the Sky by the Dioscuri past the full moon
O Arsinoë, thy city of birth echoes with loud laments
thee, my Queen, have left the earthly landscape
becoming a goddess among the gods
O Arsinoë, thou are given the breath of life, Eternal Daughter of Amun
to revive thy body and rejuvenate thy Ba
to walk in eternity with those of thy divine kin

O Arsinoë, Daughter of Amun, thou who are in the heart of Shu
Loved by all the gods, mother of Hep, repeating life
I praise thee, Female King of Lower Egypt, the Two Lands
thou who are in the heart of the king, Beloved of all the gods
I praise thee, Daughter of Amun, Lady of the crowns, Arsinoë
Mistress of Eternity, Lady of the sun disk, Arsinoë, the divine brother-loving
Divine mother of the living bull, the manifestation of Ptah, the king of all souls, Lord of sacredness

I praise thee, Great Bat, Daughter of Amun, God’s wife
Great splendid One, Beloved of Ra
the respected, Beloved of Ptah,
the intelligent, Beloved of Thoth
 Beloved of Amun-Ra, the Lord of the Throne of the Two Lands, who is on the top of Karnak
Beloved of Mut, the great Lady of Asheru
Beloved of Khonsu-in Thebes-Neferhotep

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