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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I am because you are

Born out of your radiant light
I am your harmonious opposite
made to forever protect you
made to forever keep the balance

As the first light illuminates the nocturnal darkness
you come forth from the horizon
reborn each morning from the sacred nest
rising as the proud morning sun
giving life to all once more
shining upon the still oh so silent landscape

As your struggles in Nun are over
returning to life in your victorious light
I am your nurturer
your eternal mother
forever providing a safe journey

As you proceed over the heavenly landscape
leaving the vulnerable phase of infancy
wandering from the protecting comfort of the Two Mountains
you assume your role as the most mighty of all
bringing life to the world of those who worship you
You become my equal

I am your Queen
your heavenly spouse
guiding you my divine eternal ruler
You my Lord is life itself
my brother, my husband, my equal

As the divine landscape changes color from bright light to orange purple
you become my sacred father
the wise master who holds the key to life and eternal existence
You my Lord is the creator of all things
Preparing once more to slay the mighty ones of the Underworld

And as you grow older, my Lord
I counteract you to protect you and keep you safe
I become your beloved daughter
I become your future and hope
I prepare for the endlessness battlefield
where I will fight for your survival

As you walk through the dark waters of Nun
I will shine for you
Illuminating all unknown
Providing your safety and eternally reincarnated manifestation

I am your mother
your spouse
your sister
your daughter
I am your eternal counterpart
bound to you by eternal force

I am because you are

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