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Monday, June 27, 2011

This week's arch news (June 20-27)

Workers find ancient burial ground
One of the coolest jobs ever: a beer archaeologist
Knocking down menhirs
Peering into the Past: Camera Looks Inside Ancient Mayan Tomb
9,000 year-old artifacts found near Thunder Bay
17 million years ago hominoids ventured into sub- tropical Eurasia
Roman Fort Project needs your support
A Crusader town emerges under an old Israeli port

Archeologists closer to telling Acadians' tale - Nova Scotia
Yenikapı metro dig reveals fifth-century shipwreck
Archaeology: New Thracian grave found in northeastern Bulgaria
Egyptologists plan to restore 4,500-year old boat found near pyramid, hope for tourism boost - The Washington Post
Iceman's Stomach Sampled—Filled With Goat Meat
Ice Age art from Florida
A Massive Early Maya Center and a Race Against Time
'Holy Shroud made by Giotto'
and as reported previously during the week: Egypt to uncover 2nd solar boat at Giza
Bulgaria: Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover Story of Ancient Thracians' War with Philip II of Macedon

When the stones begin to crumble on the Akhenaten boundary stele
Mexican Archaeologists Find Ancient Staircase at Tlatelolco, May Confirm First Building
Roman baths found on site of new City of York Council HQ
Iraq's Ancient Ur Site in Danger : Discovery News
Did climate change cause Greenland's ancient Viking community to collapse?
UC Research Uncovers Late Bronze Age Fortress
Cutting edge training developed the human brain 80 000 years ago - Lund University

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