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Friday, June 3, 2011

Arch news May 27 - June 2

Seven New Maya Archaeological Sites Registered in Yucatan by INAH Specialists
Marlborough mound mystery solved – after 4,400 years
No cheese for Neolithic humans in France
Campaign to save Australia's rock art
Unseen for 1,800 years: Archaeologists find 120m tunnel leading to 'funeral chambers' deep below ancient Mexican city
BBC News - Excavation at site of Roman altars find in Maryport
Archaeologists find statue of ancient Egyptian king Amenhotep III
Archaeological Discoveries in Aleppo Dating back to 4th and 11th Centuries BC
Environmental Crusaders
Climate played big role in Viking disappearance from Greenland
Ancient War Revealed in Discovery of Incan Fortresses
Archaeologists Return to 'King Solomon's Mines' of Biblical Edom | popular archaeology –
Beneath Jerusalem, an underground city takes shape
Are these the 100 places that made Britain?
Another report on the Giza graffiti: 4500-year-old ‘graffiti’ found inside Great Pyramid tunnel | Past Horizons
Penn Museum Begins Ground-breaking Project to Create Underground Image of Pre-Inca City | Penn News
Golden Cap: Archaeologists unearth Napoleonic watchtower
Roman ship had on-board fish tank

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