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Monday, June 13, 2011

Arch news June 9-13

Latest hieroglyph dictionary released by Mark Vygus
AWOL - The Ancient World Online: New Project:  ArchaeoLandscapes Europe
Site Hints At Asian Roots For Human Genus - Science News
Early Americans helped colonise Easter Island
Winchcombe archaeological dig uncovers medieval finds
The axeman cometh 450,000 years ago
Polish archaeologists leading international research program:
Tut, tut: Microbial growth in pharaoh's tomb suggests burial was a rush job
Great Ancient Monumental Center in Peru Lies Forgotten, But Not for Long
Broken idols of Keros: British archaeologists explain Greek mystery
Stone circle found by amateur archaeologists on Ilkley Moor
Ancient statue unearthed from silt

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