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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things to do in Cairo while documenting the rising of Sirius anyway...

A while ago, we had the great opportunity of joining a friend who came to visit us and who needed some assistance in his task of trying to document the rising of Sirius in Egypt. Naturally, it did not take much to convince us both to join up in Cairo where the first attempts would take place (in spite of our warnings of the heavy pollution that covers the sky of the modern city of Heliopolis...). The first morning we set out to the Giza Plateau, meeting up with the horse owner (who we bought our Hercules from) at 3am, and out towards the sand dunes to set up the cameras etc. While the guys dealt with the technology, I (Maria) took the opportunity of getting some nice gallops over the Giza Plateau on the beautiful black stallion the owner had provided me! So there we were, ready for the sun to rise and with it, well a few minutes earlier to be exact, was our friend anxiously awaiting a glimpse of the star that once regulated the annual inundation of the Nile and brought with it the glorious return of a fertile season. Standing there on top of the plateau with the pure desert behind us and facing what today is the modern city of Cairo, it is rather tempting to dream away and envision what it would have looked like when the horizon was not covered by a heavy layer of smog, which today of course make it impossible to record the previously so celebrated rising of the Sirius star. Regardless of which, the morning adventure was worth every effort and as the sun rose all the horses came galloping down from the dunes in an explosion of energy reminding us all of a scene from the film Alexander…

Anyway, the photos below will give some examples of stolen moments in Cairo when allowing time to stand still, being embraced by the wings of history with all its splendor and magical illumination. The photos show glimpses from Saqqara, Giza, the citadel, one of the few remaining medieval gates of old Babylon, etc. Cairo has so much to offer for those who can afford that necessary break, the escape from reality and the negative matrix that unfortunately has so many caught in its paws. Break free and allow yourself to get captures by the paws of the Sphinx instead… =)


  1. Love the pictures! Oh, the land is so beautiful and I long to visit there one day. And you guys look so happy and like you're having so much fun. Plus, you make a very sweet couple. Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy hearing about the important work you guys are doing there!

  2. Thank you my dearest Sibyllian brother! It goes both ways! The house of vines should be used as an inspiration for everyone!!!
    much love