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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Returning to 399

Returning to the discussion on what many of our readers “read” as the number 399, similar to our initial reaction, we would like to ask you to have another, possibly closer look at the details in each sig;, to compare the technique applied, and the differentiation between the two last signs (most frequently “read” as 9 and 9). As one of the reasons why we are asking you to do this, we will post an image of the hieroglyphic sign, H18, depicting the head of a bird.

Now, as we have mentioned previously, the artist/creator of these white symbols often utilizes the natural formation of the rock, incorporating natural curves and splits in the rock-face in order to create depth, 3D-impression, or simply to emphasize one detail in a sign. Considering this technique, we would like you to have a closer look at the last sign in this “composition”, thus the latter “9”. In front of the white paint you will see two horizontal lines as a part of the natural formation of the rock-face. When joining these lines with the white symbol, combined with the utilization of the indentation as an eye and the curvature in the lower “body” of the sign, the hieroglyphic sign known as H18 appears!? Have a look and judge for yourselves! In the end of the day, what we would like you all to consider is that sometimes things are not as simple or clear as they first appear to be; a deeper significance might be hidden in plain sight. Because of the modern society in which we are brought up in, with all the socio-psychological interference that continuously cloud our viewpoints and clear minds, you could even draw parallels with the consciousness and sub-consciousness, is it possible that we are too fast in coming to a conclusion based on our immediate association? Initially this particular “composition” appears as the Roman numerals 3, 9 and 9, individually or as a complete number, 399, but one thing that we cannot disregard is the minor details in these individual signs, not to mention the differentiation in the last two ones. So, have a look and join in with us in the discussion on the meaning of these symbols. We treat them as any other “art work” and analyze them in accordance with the theoretical foundations of iconography and semiotics regardless of their actual age. One must remain neutral in order to comprehend!

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