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Monday, May 9, 2011

Arch news May 6-9

Liquid invented to restore ancient bronzeware in north China:
Guayabo Monument in Costa Rica Recognized Globally:
Old stone fort state park reveals life 2000 years ago:
7000 year old village discovered in Erbil:
China archaeologists uncover more Great Wall ruins:
Was there an ancient lost civilization in Cuba?
Capt. Kidd shipwreck site to be dedicated living museum of the sea:
Mysterious new human coexisted with Neanderthal:
The search for Genghis Khan’s tomb:
Viking shipyard found on Scottish island:
Austrian officials say unearthed treasure includes pieces made for royal court:
Turkey cultivates sites of its Christian heritage:
Dig uncovers medieval industries in Bury St. Edmunds:
Infanticide common in the Roman Empire:
Aerial survey of Viking shipyard on Skye:
Neanderthal pelaeodiet was dependant on habitat:
History of Peru series part 9:

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