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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Arch news May 10-12

Sorry guys for not posting any expo-notes/blogs lately, but more is indeed on its way! Until then, here are the latest archaeological news:

Granite statue of a Ramesside priest found genuine:
Second artefact to be returned to Egypt since the Revolution:
Who are the Coptic Christians?
Aboriginal population 'grew exponentially':
Student archaeologists on trail of Yorkshire gem's hidden past:
California's Chumash Indians: Roughly Hewn Beads Are Child's Play, Archaeologist Finds:
Viking ship not just ceremonial:
archaeologists unravel the origins of architecture:
2000 year old wine unearthed in Henan province:
Ancient first nations burial ground unearthed in B.C.:
Glastonbury Abbey’s pottery link to Dark Ages:
Space technology used in Morgantown archaeology search:
Were Neanderthals and Modern Humans only ships in the night?
Archaeology Roman stadium in Plovdiv set for face lift:
Ancient cultures and prehistoric discoveries in Costa Rica:
France returns first Maori head to New Zealand:
Little aid for Pa archaeological sites near wells:
Archaeologists dig up scores of relics at Ventura Mission site:

New carbon dating suggests Neanderthals and Early Humans didn’t mingle much:
Archaeologists unearth 900 year old artefacts:
Crocodile God Temple at Medinet Madi is now open for public:
would just like to add the temples on Thoth Hill and Gebel Antef as Middle Kingdom Temples =)
Caves in Spain Yielding More Early Human Finds
Mystery of the Olmec:

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