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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Arch news May 1-5

“God of Silence” statues give few hints about  origins:
25 000 year old cave paintings discovered in Spain:
More than 1000 year old archaeological pieces from Palenque studied and restored:
Heidelberg man links Humans and Neanderthals:
Mummifying chickens for fun:
Archaeologists find new Viking site in Temple bar:
The old leather man: controversy over digging up a legend:
Ancient nutcracker man had no taste for nuts:
Archeological survey and recording made easy:
Archaeologists discover stairway with Maya Hieroglyphs in the Mexican State of Campeche:
Ancient nut man wants grass:
Princess sheds new light on early Celts:
Ancient artifacts uncovered in Taiwan:
Neanderthal hybridization – Haldane’s rule:
Ancient slingers added insult to injury researchers say:
Burial practices in Neanderthals?
Rescuing St. Brides:

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