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The Sirius Project
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Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Sirius Project General Update

One of the most important aims of the Sirius Project is to gather information provided from various sources, whether that is based on academic, scholarly work, by dedicated and interested laymen, or firsthand accounts by locals who witnessed something personally or have stories handed over to them from one generation to the next. The Sirius Project acknowledges all fields of expertise and believes that true knowledge can be reached only through the combination of disciplines and backgrounds. As an important and truly fundamental aspect the Sirius Project considers it crucial to share information with others, expressed in various media. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter function as a platform for discussions, while the Sirius Project’s blogs provide continuous updates and general information. The Sirius Project’s web page is set up to provide fundamental information concerning ongoing individual projects, while simultaneously being linked to the other forums. Its Youtube channel provides information in the form of so called vlogs, and has now been extended to include also photo slides.

True scholarship knows no limitation and in sharing the information we, the team members of the Sirius Project, hope that you, our friends, colleagues, family, will enjoy following our continuous adventures in seeking a deeper comprehension of ancient symbolism and how it still has a great impact of every modern man and woman. We ask you all to join us in discussing either one of the many topics presented.

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