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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Arch news April 26-27th

The meaning of words, new evidence of ancient Maya history:
Not so much breaking news, but more of an update on the Egyptian excavation at the Temple of Amenhotep III:
Lost Mayan city found under layers of rain forest:
Medieval treasure found in Austria:
Bear DNA clue to cave art:
Has the mystery of Easter Island finally been solved?
Trove of 4000 year old remains being unearthed in Uttar Pradesh:
Roman tomb found under Naples toxic waste dump:
El Mirador, the lost city of the Mayans:
Diamond light illuminates silver decay in Catalonian altarpieces:
Dig, draw and digitise guard houses of county Mayo:
Missing parts of the sphinx found in German cave:
Iraq’s ancient past:
Tell el Basta end of season 2011:
Harvard Egyptologists on protecting Egypt’s cultural heritage post-revolution:
Who was afraid of Prince Rupert's dog?: The enduring power of seventeenth-century propaganda:

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