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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Arch news April 2-6th

Soon to come - blog report on the latest adventures, but first some of the latest archaeological news world wide:

The Customs Administration of Nuweiba port, south of Sinai, in co-operation with the police managed to stop Karim Hassan Abd Elfatah, Jordanian driver, who was driving a refrigerator car loaded with cheese, when the x-ray scan detector showed 33 rolls contains 29 pharaonic statues and a large collection of Pharaonic and Islamic pottery beside a quantity of gold in a secret caches in the car.
The driver is in custody and a report was filed on the incident and the defendant has to stand in front of the General Prosecutor.

… and…
After swearing in as a Minister of Antiquities (Monday 4thApril) in front of Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Dr.Zahi Hawass held a meeting at his office (Tuesday 5th April) to discuss removal all the infringements located in the archaeological sites territory that took place during the recent events according the assignment to him by Field Marshal Tantawi (Head of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and General Commander of the Armed Forces) supplying the assistance to fulfill the mission
During the meeting which was attended by delegates fromthe Armed Forces, the abuses that took place in the central region which includes Greater Cairo, Saqqara, Dahshour, were reviewed and the practical steps to eliminate violations were discussed.
Dr. Sabry Abd El Aziz stated that a meeting will be held on Wednesday (6th April) in co-operation with the Armed Forces to discuss the violations against sites in some governorates like Helwan,Fayoum,Beni Suef,Minia beside Cairo,Giza and Kaloubiya according to the committees reports to set a timetable for the urgent actions to immediately removal of these infringements.
Dr. Sabry also said that later meetings will discuss the infringements in the other governorates of the country and set a scheduled plan to remove them.   
10 masked me broke into a storage in Tel El daba’, Fakous,Sharkia governorate and stole whatever they could get their hands on.
The storage that was attacked is used to store the objects found by the foreign excavation missions works in the area.
The masked men attacked the four security guards, a police man and 3 guards (Ghafir) works for the SCA, tided them down and locked them in one room after taking away their weapons then they stole many objects including pottery dated back to different eras plus a sword and two medallions.
A committee is formed to do inventory of the storage and define the stolen objects.    

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