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Saturday, December 18, 2010

White painted symbols in the Theban Mountains

During our weekly miniexpos up in the Theban Mountains of Egypt we follow in the footsteps of Howard Carter and other century old great explorers. Our intention in doing so is to document the still preserved remains of our ancient ancestors in order to come one step closer to understanding also common people, not only the pharaohs and their surrounding aristocratic elite.

So, during a normal mini expo day we get up at an ungodly hour, when it is still dark and silent outside, and saddle our horses up with out already prepared gear. Once on our way we can enjoy the beauty of another divine sunrise, the rebirth of Harsomtus in the horizon. We walk passed the Temple of Medinat Habu and get that wonderful reminder of how lucky we are to live in a location where we are so close to the ancient landscape. Once passed the monestary of Malkata, we turn towards the mountains and the valleys here referred to as wadis. We tie our horses up, unsaddle them, have our breakfast and then off for some climbing or trekking. Pure Heaven!

Anyway, what we would like to bring to your attention is a series of white painted symbols that we have come across during these our mini expos. The symbols are made by a modern artist, suggestively within the last 20 years or so, and are located in areas where they dont interfere with ancient remains. All but one. One is painted over a series of Gnostic inscriptions and figures. These marks are very carefully executed, following the natural formation of the rock cliff face, at times located so high that there must have been two or more people involved in making these marks. Now, since these marks follow the same maps as old Howard Carter did during his 1916 expedition, and the fact that there is quite some effort put behind the making, we are very much interested in finding out who or what group is behind them and for what purpose. Naturally, the communicated message could be of more significance, but it is so much easier to decipher symbols when knowning who is behind them. We are therefore hoping that one of you out there could bring us some clarity as to who is behind the marks, what rituals that are connected to them (as we have found a modern altar with candles, an electromagnetic photograph, and pieces of granite, limestone and fossils), and how these are associated with the Gnostic rituals once practiced at the top of the platau.
You will see a selection of symbols below, and you can also follow us on the Sirius Project's group page on Facebook with more details, discussions and photos...

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  1. Hi Maria and John
    I'm sure what I have to say here is nothing new to the both of you, but I thought I would offer you my humble opinion. The white symbols you found and photographed have a definite Thelemic air about them. The symbol '399' is most definitely used in Thelemic magickal practices by those re-enacting the rituals of Aleistair Crowley. You can find similar examples in places like Morocco and Crete. There is even a symbol here on your photographs that can be found on an old Led Zepplin album! Which may help in the dating of these particular symbols. Around the 1970's - 1980's period I would think. Their particular meaning? Not being a a partaker of Thelemic magic, I am unable to assist. But I know a man that can help if need be.
    All the best