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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Coming of Christmas

Christmas in Luxor is quite far from a normal European style of celebration, and it is in days like these that one misses friends and family the very most. We do not have a Christmas tree in our house (unless you count the undecorated banana tree in the garden) and we have no Christmas gifts to give each other other than our eternal love... However, Christmas in Luxor is also a reminder of the true background of the celebrations, and we do not mean those of a modern religion, but those of the most fundamental necessities in life: the celebration of the return/rebirth of the sun.

We can read about the problems over in Europe with the snow that keeps on falling, people and loved ones who are snowed in and the actual chaos that this winter has brought upon us, but in the end of the day, is it not a white Christmas that so many are asking for? Maybe we should be more careful of what exactly we do ask for?! As humans we have a tendency of complaining, it is easier to complain about something than it is to embrace the positive things in life. We do not suffer the same problems with snow here in Luxor, and for sure will not have that white Christmas, but Christmas will come regardless of weather and where you are in the world. So we would like to remind everyone of the positive side of Christmas: better times are ahead, light will once more return to our homes and hearts! So in the true spirit of the Sirius Project, the symbol of Christmas is for us indeed the sun itself, and the rebirth of Harsomtus in the Horizon.

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